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Medical Procedures on Hands and Fingers


Replantation of amputated digits can be surgically achieved.  The blood vessels are reattached, the bones stabilized with wires or pins and the tendons reattached.  Replantation success is highly dependent on the damage to the digit.  The risks of this procedure include infection, nerve damage and death of the reattached digit.

Toe to digit transplantation is an option when the thumb is involved or multiple digits are missing.  The second (or pointer toe) is the most commonly transplanted. As in the replantation process, tendons, nerves and vessels must be surgically connected.

Lacerations and Fractures

A open fracture is especially susceptible to infection.  The infection can be at the surface of the wound or more seriously, bone infection can develop.  It is especially important with any serious open injury to see a doctor for proper treatment.  Saw cuts to the fingers where the finger is still attached can be compounded if the finger loses it blood circulation.  In this situation time is critical.

The Fingernail

A cut to the top of the finger frequently involves the nail and nail bed.  The fingernail has a nail plate which is the hard surface we commonly describe as our fingernail.  The matrix is the living tissue and is located at the top of the nail underneath the skin.  The bed is the surface underneath the hard plate.  Injuries to the nail that are not promptly repaired can result in chronic pain resulting from nail plate deformity.

Tendon Injuries

Tendons are what allow you to flex or straighten your fingers.  They connect muscles to bones.  The flexor tendon is on the palm side of the finger and the extensor tendon is on the top side of the finger.  These tendons are close to the surface of the finger and can be partially cut or completely severed with a cut.  Extensor tendon injuries generally require surgical repair.  The inability to fully extend the finger or a droopy finger are indicators of extensor tendon damage.  Completely severed tendons that are displaced can not heal on their own and require surgery.  Partially cut or torn tendons can heal but during the healing process further damage is possible.

Hand Therapy

After surgery hand therapy improves the rehabilitation process by improving movement and sensation.  A hand therapist provides you with exercises that speed the healing process.  In addition, they craft custom splints to minimize any additional injury during the healing process.   Hand therapy is especially useful in the case of tendon damage.

Industry Information

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