Table Saw Accident Stories and Statistics

The statistics of saw accidents...

how and why they happen.


 Table Saw Injury Pictures

Lucky - Kickback Accident - Managed to knee the stop bar

Chance's Fingers - nail bed and end of bone gone. & Ron's thumb and xray


          Kickback into the face.

Diego - was using a wood push block.


David's hand - left hand with amputation left thumb and complete transmetacarpal laceration involving the index, long,ring and small finger with transection of all nerves going to the index, long, ring and small finger and devascularization of small finger with fracture dislocations with bone loss involving the forth and fifth metacarpal phalangeal joints.


Davis's hand (flooring accident)



Pete's hand










26 year old male with table saw injury to nail bed, germinal matrix and nail fold. The distal phalanx was completely destroyed.


Thumb sewn underneath pointer finger because of skin flap. Skin graft from hip.



Laceration and bone fracture.








Dado blade cut through top of joint requiring fusion.






20 years of experience

tip of bone 4 chips, 3 removed, permanent tactile touch nerve damage, 5 stitches, many OT visits




Hand slipped into blade while ripping 2x4's



Conor's Thumb Before and After Thumb Pulled Into Blade

Sliced Thumb In Two


I am an 18 year old hockey player and guitarist. In the off season I work for my father in his shop. I was ripping some 10 foot alder boards for a job we were doing, with no guards or anything on the saw. Honestly, it happened in the blink of an eye, and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I know I was about finished with the board, and there was a chip sticking out where it wouldn't be pressed flush against the fence, so I pushed down to lever the board off the blade. It kicked funny, and I remember this horrible crunching sound as my left hand went into the blade. I knew what had happened, but I had no idea it was so bad. I didn't want to look at it, and I just thought I had cut my thumb. I reached down to turn off the saw , but I couldn't for some reason. I looked down and I hadn't cut just my thumb. It was all five fingers, and my index finger was just hanging in my hand. In the end, I have what seems like hundreds of stitches, two fused fingers, and two skin grafts- one on my thumb and one on my ring ringer- where the saw took off chunks of skin. Funny how one little mistake can change your life in less than a second.

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